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Nafco and Permastone Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank
Earthwerks Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank
Mannington Vinyl & Adura Luxury Vinyl Tile
Metroflor Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank
We carry several brands of Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank:

Adura (by Mannington)
Nafco (by Tarkett)
Permastone and Permastone Modular (by Tarkett)
VillaStone (by Cryntel)

Several of our LV products are warranted for both commercial and residential use, and many styles are economical but durable alternatives to ceramic tile and hardwood.  Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank products often exceed customers' expectations!

Metroflor plank
Nafco Claystone 'Stoney Taupe' & 'Burnt Umber' installed as checkerboard
(click for larger view)

LV Tile vs. Ceramic

It is sometimes used in place of "real" ceramic tile because of its realistic appearance and much lower installed cost.  Several styles are available with a realistic grout edge as part of the tile (Permastone, Nafco, and Earthwerks) while some others have the option of being grouted like real ceramic (VillaStone and Adura).
Metroflor plank
Metroflor Luxury Plank
(click for larger view)

LV Plank vs. Hardwood

Many customers prefer to use realistic wood-look Luxury Vinyl Plank instead of actual hardwood if they are concerned about their pets damaging real wood, or for use in higher moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.  LV Plank is less likely than wood to be damaged over time by dogs' nails and topical moisture.

LV Tile & Plank vs. Sheet Vinyl

While the starting cost of LVT is similar to that of a high grade sheet vinyl, even "cheap" LVT is generally tougher than vinyl.  In the presence of significant moisture beneath the surface most sheet vinyl floors will discolor due to the "felt" (paper) backing (even when the moisture does not cause subfloor damage), whereas LVT will not discolor from moisture.  Sheet vinyl is also more susceptible to indenting and puncturing because of its relative softness (and is difficult to patch with integrity).  If a single LV Tile or Plank is ever significantly damaged (which is hard to do) it can be replaced fairly easily.
Konecto Prestige Sunrise -by Metroflor-
Floating Luxury Vinyl Plank
(click for larger view)

LV Tile & Plank vs. Laminate

Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank is a nice alternative to laminated flooring.  LV products are generally not susceptible to the types of moisture problems that are fairly common with laminate.  Laminates can sometimes "swell" at the joints in the presence of topical moisture, even as a result of repeated wet mopping.  This makes LV Tile and Plank better suited for bathrooms and kitchens.  LV products are also much easier to repair if ever necessary (which is very rare!)  And although most LV products are glued directly to the subfloor or underlayment, some products such as Konecto by Metroflor are installed as a "floating" floor--similar to laminate but without the drawbacks.

Come in an check out our wide selection of Luxury Vinyl products!

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